Reduce your cost with Payment Gateway Provider

The market for Secure Payment Services is fragmented and expensive, generating costs in billions. The economy can not afford such expenses. , improve payment security and make it easier for new players, introducing innovative methods of mobile payment and online, to enter the market

Independent payment service providers reduce their costs

Customer , who has a bank account online will have the right to use the programs, instruments or payment applications provided by an authorized Payment Gateway Provider and to authorize the provider to settle payments directly from his / her account.

Charges levied by payment gateway service provider should not exceed the cost of doing business. Additional fees, resulting from, for example, with the use of a payment card in excess of the ceiling already regulated fees for card payments, are prohibited.

Secure payment

The Bank supports the payer’s account, you will be able to refuse an independent company access only in a situation of objective and legitimate concerns concerning the security of transactions, which have been notified regulators. This principle is intended to prevent “blocking” new players by banks .

Payment Services Provider will however be required to provide secure user identification and mitigation of fraud. They will need to ensure the safe operation of transmission channels of banking data and share it only with the consent of the user.

In the case of an unauthorized transaction from your account, the cost associated with it should not expensive , when eg .: a device for performing the transaction has been lost, stolen or inappropriately used.

If the Payment Gateway Provider fails to take action against abuse after receiving information about the theft or loss of, or do not respect the provisions on careful identification of the recipient, it can be held responsible financially for the loss of his client and is obliged to cover the financial losses.

About us


Payment Gateway Provider is the most experienced and trusted payment gateway service provider offers wide range of secure payment services like Credit Card Processing, Merchant Account, Payment Gateway solutions & Online Payment Processing Services.


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